10 Uses OF Baking Soda In Home Cleaning For New Year

Baking soda is commonly used in muffin, sponge cake, bread baking. It makes food raise. Other than baking, it is also a good cleaning partner.

You may be thinking of home cleaning for a happy new year. Here are 10 uses of baking soda in home cleaning.


How much soda ? 1 -2 soup spoon is enough.

Add some water (add vinegar to enhance the cleaning power) and stir it.

Use it under below situations

  1. Clean mold at kitchen, bathroom, dining table
  2. Extend time for fresh flower home decor (add some baking soda, no vinegar)
  3. Demolish bad smell from shoes
  4. Polish kitchen sink, faucet
  5. Remove oil from greasy extractor fan, oven, microwave oven
  6. Prohibit and prevent ants, cockroach
  7. Refresh smell fridge
  8. May brighten laundry your cloth
  9. Declog a drain
  10. Remove bad smell from a garbage bin

Hope you enough the benefits from this article.



10 Uses OF Baking Soda In Home Cleaning For New Year

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