Secured Payment

All transactions through this website are processed by reputable payment gateway PAYPAL (Credit card), Yedpay (Alipay/Alipay HK). The network path in between and the payment gateway is encrypted with an SSL certificate. The transactions can be paid in US dollar (PAYPAL), HONG KONG dollar on this website.

In the payment industry, payment gateway company committed to providing safe, reliable transactions.  The company deploys its systems with high-level security. Also, it is audited with the certified body for maintaining the industrial recognized service level. It obtains an industrial recognized certificate like PCI-DSS level 1, ISO27001.

The payment gateway company complying with 6 PCI-DSS requirements and ISO27001 means

1. Maintain a secure network

2. Protect cardholder data

3. Maintain a vulnerability management program

4. Implement strong access control measures

5. Regularly monitor and test networks

6. Maintain an information security policy

7. Manage with a management system

With the above, customers would have a secure online payment environment.