Porcelain Cat Neko Sankyodai Cup For Cat Lover


Santa Claus is coming to town….. Christmas holiday is good time to visit your best friend, your family. Visiting and talking shorten interpersonal distance. In addition, a gift to them is remarkable.

What gift is good choice Here are some ideas.

1. Mug with 3D cat statue cover

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  • Coffee statistics shows western Europe and north american people consumed most coffee.
  • Coffee drinkers in U.S. consumed  average 3.1 cups of coffee per day
  • Good coffee mug keeps coffee hot for long period of time. In addition it is  easy clean.
  • Lovely cat always delight people.


2. Checkered Scarf

France made scarf

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  • Suitable for man an woman
  • Popular at any time
  • Different ways to tie. for easy cloth matching
  • Easy storage.  It can be put into hand bag, backpack
  • Primary function: Keep you warm
  • A good scarf should be washing machine “washable”



3.  SUN UV protection mask

Click photo for details

  • Protect SUN UV hurt when people exposes outdoor for a few hours
  • It can be function as a neck scarf.
  • It manufactured by Japan and fits to Asian people size
  • Really a personalized gift choice. Good for cyclists, hikers


Do you like my choices ?  Your comment is welcome.






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