Gift idea for coming event

A remarkable gift to someone special represents you love and care to them.
Here are gift ideas to you.

1. Japanese design backpack 

anello backview
Japan famous brand Anello backpack product # 9-2466279-18-9
anello frontview

He/She may want a gift that is practical. A backpack is popular for years and could be one of the best choices.

Japanese famous brand anello has success in backpack sales for years.  AT-H1931 is a slim, light weight backpack. Its smart casual looking suits for school and business use. This model has a side bag at both sides. A side zipper at the back is a remarkable feature of anello backpack.

anello backpack bottom view
anello backpack side zipper
Inside view

3. Classic Checkered Handy machine washable Scarf   [Gift for a close relationship]

New Work ★ Autumn / Winter Scarf!
Classic Checkered Handy machine washable Scarf
Classic Checkered Handy machine washable Scarf

Scarf is an ideal gift choice for wide range of people. Ladies like it most because scarf could put inside a handbag. i.e. easy storage. They wear it cover the shoulder, surrounding neck to keep warm when they go to air-con opened room. This is also a Yougood gift choice for elder people.

Another reason favors it popular because it is fashionable.  A scarf could tie in hundreds of ways.

This classic checkered scarf is made with Acrylic 100 % by France manufacturer.  It is washable by a washing machine.

Moreover classic checkered always trendy.  That’s why it is one of three great gift ideas.

3. Your gift plus a small nature dry flower alongside would increase impressions.

Denisfen natural dried flowers mini baby breath bouquet blossom

What’s your gift idea. Please suggest under below.

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